In recent years Spear & Jackson has delivered solid financial performance against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and volatile raw material prices. Looking forward, our strategy is to pursue growth by expanding our presence in Asia, while also aggressively targeting markets we’ve not yet penetrated, such as the US.

Our core strategic goals are to:

  • Continuously focus on new product development and innovation.
  • Through the creation of new products we aim to stimulate customer demand and drive top-line sales.
  • Deliver revenue growth by maximising global distribution channels and quality brand names.
  • As we expand our operations into key territories, we will use our widening global networks and brand strength to extend the reach of our products.
  • Utilise Chinese facilities and expertise to generate cost efficiencies across the Group
  • We want to take advantage of our already strong presence in China to further access the intellectual and physical assets of this stellar growth economy.
  • Target value-accretive acquisitions to further strengthen the Group balance sheet and increase profitability
  • In addition to internal organic expansion, we seek growth through astute company acquisitions on the global market.