It was a grey and rather bleak start to a Sunday, with the air full of mizzle and a degree of apprehension amongst 18 S&J Group employees.  As one of those 18 employees, I had gone to bed worried that I would be running in a heat wave, but as I opened the curtains it looked more like running in the rain!

And so on that grey morning, 18 apprehensive employees made their way to Graves Park in Sheffield.  And as the Group employees congregated, apprehension began to be over taken by a great team spirit and the Mighty Fine Team S&J was well and truly ready to show the 2015 Run in the Park 10K what they were made of!

The Team had come together to help raise funds for Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield, which plays a significant part in the Sheffield local community and beyond, and is one of only four hospitals in England dedicated exclusively to cancer treatment.  Running in memory of Lee Wells, former MD of the UK Tools and Magnetics operations, and for all employees, colleagues, family and friends who have been affected by cancer at some time in their life and received treatment / support from Weston Park – the Team wanted to make a difference, with the ethos, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” (Helen Keller).

So as 11:00 am approached the runners made their way to the starting line and shortly after the starting gun was fired.  The team was off….

Have you ever heard the saying, Sheffield, a city built on 7 hills?  Well I am pretty sure those 7 hills were in Graves Park alone!  And from a wet start to the day, the sun came out and the heat burnt through the clouds, I think it would be fair to say that the majority of runners wished for the rain to return and offer at least some relief to the heat, nothing could provide relief to those hills!

But on the team went, determined to show the run what they were made of, cheered on by a number of really encouraging Group supporters, great crowds, an inspiring atmosphere and beautiful park surroundings, even with those Sheffield hills!

As the first lap was completed the runners knew what lay ahead and ran on.  Tiredness was setting in, but we all kept our heads held high, maybe the thought of an extra-large Sunday dinner, a cold pint, sense of achievement helped us going, but more than that, I think being part of a team, making a difference, raising funds for a hospital that in some way had touched us all, got us all across that finishing line.

With the clock on 53.34 our first team member, George Stewart from S&J Warehouse, crossed the finishing line – well done George.  Followed quickly by Elise Nicholson with a time of 53.47 and Gaz Hill 55.46.  What a fantastic effort by everyone, we certainly stood up to our name and showed the run what we were made of, ‘The Mighty Fine Team S&J’:


As a Team we raised over £2000, that’s a tremendous effort, and with the ethos that we have followed, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.  Runners be Proud, Supporters Thank You.  And for anyone who would still like to contribute, please see our just giving page,