Bowers XT3 Bore Gauge delivers choice and flexibility

The precision measurement division includes Bowers, Baty International and Moore & Wright. Through these subsidiaries, the division engages in the design, manufacture, procurement and distribution of precision shop-floor contact and non-contact measuring instruments for the automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas markets.

The Precision measurement division’s products range from simple engineers’ hand tools, such as gauges for checking the threads, diameters and tapers of machined components, to highly sophisticated and specialised measuring systems, such as precision bore gauges and hardness testing equipment. These products are sold to industrial customers and are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide, including the US, Germany and France.

The division’s main manufacturing facility is in Bradford, UK. Here, the key manufactured product is a range of three-point internal bore gauges, known as the ‘Bowers XT’. The UK sales operation in Camberley, meanwhile, offers a one-stop-shop for UK and export markets, selling to industrial end-users and offering expert precision measurement solutions.


Bowers is a global leader in precision internal measurement. Offering customers a comprehensive product portfolio of measuring solutions, Bowers specialises in bore gauging, air gauging, SmartPlugs and universal gauging.

The company’s extensive range of products and services enables customers to choose the most appropriate measuring instruments for their applications, helping them to save time, improve quality and reduce operating costs.

The company’s Shanghai facility produces several of the Bowers Group’s hardness testing instruments under the CV Instruments brand, while also acting as a design, out-sourcing and quality control centre for products sold internationally. What’s more, Bowers Shanghai distributes the entire Bowers product range to the rapidly expanding Chinese market.

Bowers Group

Reflecting the growing trend toward miniaturisation, Bowers have developed a new MicroGauge 2-point bore-gauging system designed specifically for the measurement of small bores.


Baty manufacture an extensive range of precision optical measuring instruments which magnify the workpiece enabling the measurement of its features to be performed with absolutely no contact or probing.

Moore & Wright

The Moore & Wright brand is a recognised leader in micrometer design and manufacture. With a product range including micrometers, calipers, indicators, height gauges and workshop tools, Moore & Wright is committed ton supplying worldwide industry with high quality, yet affordable products.

Baty International

The UK-based Baty International is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of optical-based measuring instruments and gauging products.

With a worldwide distribution network and diverse clientele, Baty International delivers products for industrial, manufacturing and professional use on the shop floor, in tool rooms, and in other areas where precision measurement is critical. Its range includes:

  • Three-dimensional, camera-based, non-contact co-ordinate measuring systems
  • Two-dimensional, non-contact optical profile projectors
  • The Harpenden skinfold caliper, recognised as the industry standard for many years
  • Dial gauges and other gauging products
  • An ISO 9001:2008 accredited-company, Baty International is committed to providing measuring solutions for manufacturing. It boasts a worldwide distribution network and superior levels